Lisa P.

January 4 at 5:57pm
Our dog broke her left hip when she was a puppy. We had it repaired and she was great for a long time. Recently, however, she began holding her right leg when she walked. We started giving her the oil twice per day and while it’s in her system, she walks and runs normally! During this time of year when it’s cold outside she seems to be in more discomfort, so we’ve upped it to 3x per day and that’s great. Some days we don’t have to give her any at all and she walks normally. This is such a relief because she is a beloved family pet that we cannot imagine not having and she’s not even 2 years old yet, so this will help her quality of life tremendously!!!


Wylie (Shi-Pom) will be 15, 10/31/17 and Brutus (Maltese) just turned 12, 6/16/2017, they both take 3 drops of HempWorx CBD oil religiously 2 times a day and are having remarkable results with no side effects.
Wylie has arthritis, a bad back, weak rear leg, was listless and tired and was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He has a new lease on life and is literally like a puppy (or teenager) AND is walking, running & playing on all four legs regularly! Brutus, we adopted at 10 years old and could only catch him if we kept a leash on him. He had so many issues, I don't know where to begin but they are much fewer now. His anxiety level is MUCH lower. He is sleeping through the night. He paces less. He's liking my husband (that's huge)... He comes to us and/or stays. He's truly part of the family and getting better every day! I am a true believer in HempWorx!

Beth S.

January 16 at 7:03am 
Started giving the doggie Hempworx drops in December. She is a 10 yo Boston terrier and has had previous tumor surgery. She has had a tumor on her side for at least 6 months (photo was from July when I started monitoring it). Tonight while petting her I was checking to be sure it wasn't growing and I couldn't find it. I had to go back to my photo to make sure I was checking the correct site. It is nearly gone! I could feel a small (1/2" or smaller) spot right by her nipple. In July it was at least 2"x2" and 1/4" thick. The only thing we have done differently was adding the CBD oil!I'm so happy! Sorry if It's hard to tell in the photo. Before are left 2 (July) right 2 are today (January 15).

Randy A.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my dog Joey. For the last two years he has had a lot of pain in his back legs. There were times when he could not stand up without help. He's almost 15 years old. He cannot jump up on the bed or our recliner. I usually have to pick him up and put him on the bed or chair. I started him on the 250mg drops 3 days ago. This morning he jumped up on the chair with no problem. He tried to jump up on the bed and almost made it. I had to give him a little boost. He is running around and acting like a puppy. I can't tell you how HAPPY it made me to see him healthy and apparently no longer in pain. He loves the oil and I have no problem giving it to him. This is the greatest product of the 21st century (even though it's been around for a long time.) I feel so much better myself from using it. Thanks Hempworx


Tabby F.

January 7 at 7:17pm
My personal CBD dog treat testimony.... (my pup has seizures)My Shiba Inu Cody has seizures and has been on medication for a few years now because of it. Today I gave him his med a little later than usual. He acted normal for a bit but then he started pacing and acting strange (and jumping on furniture he knows he’s not allowed to be on). I’ve seen him do this prior to having another seizure. He just wouldn’t sit down and rest! I remembered I had an opened bag of our hemp treats here (I had joined this company mostly because I felt I personally needed the oil so prior to today I never tried it with my pup), so I took out 1 treat and gave it to him. He sniffed it and ate it with no problem (he’s sometimes picky with food), I guess that beef flavor got him, he loves beef! Well soon after he gobbled it down I let him outside (he loves chasing lizards lol). I then let a little time go by (about 30 min) and then I peeked out the window to check on him, he was chillin on the grass/dirt lol and getting a suntan! I’m so glad he’s calmed down now and resting! I really think these treats did the trick!! I’m definitely keeping these on hand for him!

Joanie G.

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