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Testimonial from Hempworx Customer:

Ok I wanted to share my story . I have scoliosis so my spine is shaped as a S unfortunately the way it's curved we have to watch my lungs and heart . Now there is no fixing that but we just try to not let it get worse I guess lol . 
I also have a herniated disc in my neck which u can see if you look at my neck but it's pushing against the sack that protects our spinal cord . I also have a herniated disc in my lower back which makes my left leg numb all the way to my toes . But also goes down my right leg to my knee . I have arthritis in my lower spine which my small bones on my spine have curled into my nerves so no helping that . I always thought I would live the rest of my life in pain which was normally a 8-10 . I had to walk with a cane and couldn't go up stairs with out help.
Normally a moms job is to take care of her kids . Well my two kids ( 13 and 15 ) would babysit me and my 5 year old cuz mom can't bend walk or do anything . I thank God they were there for me but hated myself because what they had to do because mom was broken . I was taking up to 15 pills a day 7 of them being some kind of pain med ( morphine, narco and Naproxen ) and the rest was a pill for nerve damage and a muscle relaxer . My muscle spasms were so bad I was taking a muscle relaxer every four hours and the nerve pill three times a day.
Well I started taking CBD oil after getting off the morphine and starting to get off the narco . I can say I saw a change right away my legs were not giving out on my I had more energy to get up and go . Now I'm off all three pills for pain the Dr. has me slowly getting off the nerve pills because it's as really bad withdrawal like the morphine . And the muscle relaxers is down to once in the morning and once at night just to be sure.
My Dr. is on board with CBD oil and loves the changes she sees in me . I went back to the Dr. and have lost 7 pounds lol. I also have IBS which I didn't start the oil for but I haven't had a problem with that at all . My pain level is no higher then a 4 to hardly at all. Being someone who thought I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life to actually living life I'm very thankful for find out about CBD oil because I'm living life as normal as l can and no longer needing to have a babysitter or use my cane . My legs don't go numb like they were and my headaches from my neck are gone . I am no longer depressed I'm loving life and I hope my story can help someone else start to live their life again 

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