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I've been using HempWorx CBD oil for a little over a month. I am sleeping soundly all night, and I no longer have anxiety at my stressful job during the day. I also rubbed a few drops on the psoriasis on my legs, and it is almost gone. I've only done this for two days! My husband is using it now, too, and it is really helping his low back pain. I love this oil! -Tammy F.


When I started using Hempworx CBD oil, the first thing I noticed was that I slept so much better than usual. Waking up refreshed feels so good! I actually started using the oil drops for arthritis in my shoulders. It had gotten to the point I was unable to sleep because of the pain. After about a week of using the drops, pain GONE! ~~~I'm A Believer~~~ -Becca M.


I have RA and the CBD Oil has helped tremendously in keeping the pain away... The product gives me a sense of calm and helps me sleep better... I highly recommend that anyone who is in pain give it a try! -Ruth D.


Photo 1 (left) is my sleep pattern while using CBD OIL 2 weeks ago. Toss and turn a few times, but for the most part...peace and sleep. Photo 2 (right) was my sleep pattern 2 nights ago while NOT using my CBD OIL.the dark blue gaps are asleep. The thin light blue lines are restless, and the red is awake. The red is me waking up in pain, stiffness, and walking around trying to get feeling back on my right side arm and hand. I want y'all to see this is not a joke. I've been off of it for almost a week now to actually convince myself AND show and prove to others that this stuff was REALLY working for me. The pain has been back, the neuropathy, the anxiety, the stressed feelings....have ALL returned. I'll never doubt my CBD OIL....EVER. -Eric G.


 Now it's time for me to give my testimonial. XTRA!!! XTRA!!!! Read all about it!!!! Most people that know me, are aware that i have a hard time falling asleep, this has been going on for more than 30 years, as long as i can remember. Let me tell you what lack of sleep does to a human being, it almost drives them mad, it makes them irritable, forgetful, foul tempered, snappy, forever exhausted but unable to sleep and much more. I had mastered the art of not sleeping, to the extent that, i do not toss and turn in bed. I have seen so many doctors for this problem and taken so many tablets / pills, different levels of valium, Restoril, (Temazepam) Mogadon, Nytol I & II, Kalms, tylenol pm, Rozerem, (can't remember all) hot baths, warm soya milk, counting sheep. I tried almost everything just to get a good night's sleep. The tablets might give me temporary relief, but when my system gets used to them, they stop working and i will have to get something stronger. A side effect of taking the various tablets was, waking up tired and groggy in the mornings. I tried to avoid attending morning meetings on those days because i would not be able to concentrate or contribute. By afternoon the pills would have worn off and i would be back to normal. That was a normal day to me. Recently, i noticed a friend of mine posting testimonials on Hempworx Oil and how it seemed to be helping every body. Well i'm quite open minded so i decided to buy 4 bottles for my mum. I kept one for myself to try, to help ease the discomfort on the sole of my left foot, (plantar fasciitis) an injury i sustained whilst exercising. I did not think it would get rid of insomnia even though i read that it had helped some people. I started taking the HEMP WORX OIL on the 21st of November, yesterday, i realized that the pain in my foot had gone. However, the biggest testimonial of all, is 2 days after taking the oil i noticed i could go to bed, fall asleep and wake up refreshed like any other normal person. I can get up at night and go straight back to sleep, this has never happened to me before, if i wake up at night, that's the end of sleep, unless i am drugged like a junkie. Now, i'm calm and can think straight! After more than 30 years!!!!!!!!!!!. With tears in my eyes i say, Thank YOU GOD, the God of the universe, the God that makes the impossible possible!!! Thank you HempWorx, Thank you Josh Zwagil (founder). People that sleep without aid, might not be able to relate to what i am saying, but this to me is a very big deal!!! I'm shouting it from the rooftops. THANK YOU HEMPWORX OIL. I LOVE YOU!!! 📷😘📷😘📷😘📷😘 -Lami'ah M.

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I have been on the 750mg for about a week and a half. Sleeping for the first time in years...sleeping deeply. I went through cancer treatment 2 years ago at 61 years old. I had been out of menopause for maybe 8 years. The radiation treatment wrecked my body's thermostat and for the last 2 years I have had horrible hot flashes. I wake up 10+ times a night to kick the covers off, turn my pillow over, put the covers on, turn my pillow over again. Also can't figure out whether I am warm or cold in the house. I notice that I am not waking up because I am hot or my pillow is hot at all now. This is a godsend. I have always been a light sleeper and so deep uninterrupted sleep has been an issue for many years. If I do wake up, I turn right over and go to sleep again quickly instead of my brain waking up and getting busy so I just stay awake. I refused to take any pharmaceuticals for sleeping so this is awesome!!! -Liz E.

I am a stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor. Ever since chemo in 2013 I have had bone spurs behind my knees which makes it very difficult to walk. I have had neuropathy in my feet which is a common side effect of chemotherapy. There are days where it hurts to sleep to where I had to put my feet straight up in the air in order to stop my feet from swelling. I started these drops about 2 weeks ago and for the first time ever I have been able to sleep straight through. I'm also finding that while I'm sleeping without pain I'm sleeping better than I have in a long time. No longer am I finding myself on and off sleeping for 14 hours. I now can sleep 8 hours and wake up feeling rested thank you. -Nancy N.


Been dealing with pain and stiffness in my neck for about a year. Doctor told me it was just arthritis and will have to deal with it. Pain was driving me crazy, especially at night! Could not get a good night’s sleep. Constantly waking up to get in that perfect position so the pain was not as bad or getting up to pop another pill to relieve the pain. I WAS AN IBUPROFEN AND TYLENOL JUNKIE! Not only was I losing sleep but my overall health was declining due to lack of sleep and probably too many pain pills. Always weak feeling and tired throughout the day. A Facebook friend of mine told me about HempWorx CBD oil and how good it was working for them for pain, inflammation, and overall health. Believe me their health situation was a lot worse than my arthritic neck or loss of sleep. To make a long story short I purchased a bottle mainly check out the claim of pain and inflammation relief. I was instructed to start slow with 5 drops under my tongue in the morning and evening hours. I had no relief until about the third or fourth day. The pain became manageable and not as severe. After about a week I upped the dose to 10 drops morning and evening. The second week, pain and stiffness in my neck were gone. I also was sleeping all night and deeper than ever before. My energy level has increased, my mind is lot clearer, and I seem more focused. This oil was a godsend. NO MORE PAIN PILLS! I have been taking the HempWorx CBD Oil religiously for about two months now with no recurring pain in my neck. And not sure if it is the oil, but my complexion has improved and the discomfort associated with BPH (I will let you look that one up, but the men will know what I’m talking about.) has improved. If you deal with chronic pain, inflammation, need to relieve anxiety or just want to improve your overall health you need to explore this product. It is the best and purest on the market. -Rob B.

I can say I started sleeping better than I had in years and wow so peaceful when I wake up since taking the CBD oil from Hempworx. -Adam S.
I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my asthma and sleep. I am now in Louisiana and it’s very humid with a ton of allergen triggers for my asthma. I was using my inhalers 4-5x daily, now I’m down to 1-0x daily! 📷😁📷😁 I’ve also been able to sleep completely through the night without taking an OTC sleep aid, and I haven’t done that in years! This stuff really is a miracle in a bottle! 📷📷📷 -Angie R.

I told myself I would not post on here until I was fully convinced of this product ... day 14 and here I go.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud's disease, Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue. Since then, I have been diagnosed with 2 additional autoimmune diseases ... and I suffer with a list of symptoms related to all these AIs.
I tend to be such a skeptic when it comes to people or companies wanting my money. However, I was desperate for something/anything (besides medication because of the side effects) to help me feel better and give me energy ... energy is a key factor for me ... so I decided to try Hempworx CBD Oil after being approached by an Instagram friend 📷🙂.
I am on day 14 of taking Hempworx CBD Oil 500 and I’m documenting everything daily. Immediately I noticed feeling calmer and a better sense of well-being. Last several years I have had the foggy feeling that comes with Fibro and Hashimoto's both along with a short attention span but that is almost completely gone now.
Next, I have always been able to go to sleep but I would wake up every morning between 2-3 am then back to bed and I always woke up feeling tired. Now I sleep hard and sound. I may still wake up during the night occasionally but I go right back to sleep and I wake up early (around 6am) feeling refreshed and ready to go. This is a very weird feeling for me 📷🙂
Others were posting about how rubbing the oil directly on a spot helped their pain. Well I didn’t really believe that. But last week the joints of both my hands hurt from RA. I decided to rub 2 drops of oil completely across the knuckles of both hands and within 30 min the pain was gone and stayed gone until evening. I could grip hard and no pain. I would not have believed it if I hadn’t tried it myself.
Next, the Fibro causes me to have Myofascial pain. Specifically my pain goes from one jaw, through my tongue to the other jaw. The pain in my tongue is excruciating and puts me out for the evening. I also have extreme scalp tenderness in spots. The only prescription I would allow my Dr to prescribe for me is Ibuprofen 800 because I’m so sensitive to medication and just tried not to take them. They either sedate me, make me feel numb or put weight on me. It’s just a personal choice of mine. The Ibuprofin 800 barely helped, if at all. Well tonight, as a test, I rubbed the oil on each side of my jaw and with in 45 min the pain was almost completely gone.
Now, I do have other chronic pain that the oil has not done away with yet. I’m on my 14th day on CBD 500mg. If it never helped any more than it has already I would continue taking it because of the energy and clear headedness I feel. In fact, I ordered my daughter some today to help with her anxiety ... I’m so convinced of this product. However, from what I’ve seen already and read, deep chronic pain may take the full serving amount so I’m hopeful that over the next couple of weeks I will be feeling even better. -Brenda C.

I am 64 and have spinal cord stenosis causing leg cramping, pain and discomfort in my lower back, hip and legs. I have been sleeping in a recliner most of the past year unable to sleep in bed because of leg cramps, hip and lower back pain. I would only sleep an hour or so before the cramping and pain would wake me up. I have been taking the Hempworx oil for about 3 weeks and I am now able to sleep in bed without the cramping, pain and discomfort. I am also sleeping 5 to 6 hours without waking up do to pain and discomfort. Sure a change from what I was experiencing before I started on the Hempworx oil. -Rick I.


CBD and ADHD- I posted about asd with my daughter but my son is being diagnosed as having adhd, ocd, sensory processing disorder, severe anxiety and possible odd as well as a sleeping disorder. He was 2 1/2 just before Christmas and the Pediatrician was wanting to put him on Ritalin, I really wanted to avoid meds but would use them if they helped him. Thankfully I found CBD oil in January. I have it to him on a stressful day of Dr's and hospital visits totally expecting him o loose it several times only to find by the end of the day he only threw a tantrum hen we took a toy off him and then fell asleep... This was my baby and he was not suffering for the first time. my son would get violent meltdowns and self harm by slamming his head into the tiles, car or fridge. He couldn't stop moving, even while he was asleep and his sensory calming things would be sensory triggers for his sister and vice versa. Life in my house was stressful and exhausting, i couldn't go out with the kids as I wasn't sure who was going to have a meltdown and then if my daughter had a meltdown I needed to hold her and calm her, which triggered my son who would start hurting himself and then run off. He was now sleeping in the same position all night, he could now focus and was actually enjoying his toys- he loves to play for ages with his train tracks and trains, he loves me reading to him and even kindy have said how calm he is now. This is a life hanger and a life saver for us. -Wendy R.


What has CBD oil done for me? I began taking several drops twice a day back in mid-July, working up quickly to a good half dropper twice a day. I was having severe hip and knee pain and I am diabetic. ---Immediately, I had relief from my severe knee pain and my severe hip pain was gone by the 3rd day. ---I had a lot more energy and I noticed I had less appetite and fewer cravings! This is great because I am trying to lose weight. ----I notice I'm getting lower blood sugar readings, too. 76! I haven't seen below 100 for a long time. ---I also noticed I felt extra happy! ---Any new pains disappear quickly when I take a few drops. ---I have had terrible insomnia for a long time, waking up all hours and unable to get back to sleep. I used to take melatonin and sometimes benadryl sleep tabs. I no longer need them. Now I take it for granted that I will sleep well because I have been enjoying beautiful deep sleep and pleasant dreams. ---Year after year, I usually get every cold that my son or grandson get, but even though they have had several colds, I haven't been sick once! What a relief! ---My hair used to fall out so much that I worried before long I wouldn't have any hair left. Now, I only lose hair if I break it while brushing too hard. Amazing! ---I also noticed my vision seems to be improving! I have to use an older pair of glasses! ---My fingernails have been thin, very ridged and slow to grow. I suddenly noticed one day that they had gotten pretty long and were smoother, thicker and stronger! I was so surprised! ---I used to go to bed with indigestion or wake up in the night with it, but don't seem to have that problem anymore either. I feel pretty invincible since I began taking CBD oil! -Kayla H.
So I have been taking CBD oil for about 2 weeks now. Here is my update. . Migraine went from everyday to none. .Has helped me drastically reduced sugar intake. Brought stress levels down Sleeping better And also helped me with my irritation
I feel so much better now!! -Brittany Blair
CBD Oil for the win!!!! I had a torn rotator cuff and frozen should for 9 agonizing months, pain is no fun, it takes everything you got out of you. It happened on my left shoulder and even simple tasks I struggled with pain just to do them. Just bumping my arm would put me in pain. I couldn’t lift my arm, put on my seatbelt, raise my arm to wash or do my hair, shave, sleep...omg sleep was a struggle. Waking up in pain when you are sleeping is a nightmare. I tried chiro, massage, acupuncture, used essential oils (a lot of them) and nutrition, tried many pain relief creams, and it did help a bit, but I had to steady stay on top of it. The pain always came back and I still couldn’t lift my arm. I came across this product and read up all I could on it as it’s a product for pain and inflammation and so much more. I ordered it with the full intention of giving it a good go of it. Well...4 days later, I was out of pain!!! I thought for sure it was going to come back, I was just waiting for it, but it hasn’t. Even today I tripped up the stairs and landed on my arm (I tripped on this little kitten that was in my way, it follows me everywhere) And there was NO PAIN!!! I have only been taking Hempworx CBD Oil for 2 weeks as of today, and so many other unexpected things happened along the way as well. From the very first day I started the oil, I felt very calm and happy (I suffer anxiety) my mood completely changed for the better. I slept throughout the night and I still have a great sleep. I feel so much better, I’m vibrating higher! My prayers have been answered! I’m never going to stop taking these products, I feel so good! -Heather M.
I have several health issues that come with a person being my age but on top of those I had three strokes in a matter of months, am insulin dependent, heart problems and Parkinson’s. I started taking CBD Oil a few months ago because I was tired of taking pills for this and pills for that and they were not relieving my pains. It got to the point I didn’t want to tell my doctor anything because it would mean more pills. Since taking the Oil if I have aches and pains I don’t feel them, I sleep like a baby, blood pressure is better than ever, only three insulin injections and not seven but the best of all is I don’t shake due to Parkinson’s and I can actually drink my coffee instead of wearing it, lol! I feel awesome these days and have my life back thanks to CBD Oil. -Barbara L.
* My personal testimony * I started using CBD oil about a month ago. This maybe long so bear with me.. I was born with cancer, I lived in a hospital for 5 years during treatment I am now 29 and pretty healthy. Dealing with that has left me with severe anxiety and ptsd. I also have borderline personality disorder which also comes with manic bipolor and depression I also have high blood pressure I get severe migraines and I'm borderline diabetic. I was also in a head on car accident in 2011 which has left my entire left side numb (like your foot is asleep) I used to get epidural steroid injections into my spinal cord to help me with my hip and back pain that left me barley able to walk due to pain and discomfort. Before I was introduced to CBD oil I pretty much gave up and dealt with everything i was taking anxiety medication to function at work and i would come home and sleep the day away. I would get upset if the wind blew the wrong way. Sense using CBD oil I have stopped taking anxiety medication all together. I have not had a meltdown in over 3 weeks. I am able to go into public and feel "at ease" I am generally happy and my boyfriend of 5 years and my mother have noticed a huge difference. I have not gotten a headache in over 2 weeks. My pain in my left side is down to a bare minimum and my hip and back pain is manageable. I do not sleep my day away but i sleep GREAT at night. I feel an overall calmness. This testimony may be a little "all over the place" but i truly have had my entire wellbeing change. I am so thankful to have CBD oil in my life. -Jamie Lynn
Ok, I see amazing testimonials, so its time I made one of my own... For many years, I had insomnia. 4-5 times a week I would be up at anywhere from 1:30 am to 3:30 am and could NOT go back to sleep. The first night after taking this, I was able to sleep.. 9 hours!! I also have truly horrid knees, bone on bone arthritis, Pain in my hip, back and shoulders, and recently fell and tweaked my right shoulder even further. because of this oil, I have minimal pain! Im diabetic, and my blood sugars have been amazing! Even hubby is a believer! He was getting a cold sore, put some of this on it for a couple of days, and not only did the cold sore NOT even erupt, but actually went away! I even give a drop a day to my dogs! Bella is my 10 year old Chihuahua, and was starting to have some issues with arthritis on cold days. I now see her playing and running around with the other dogs ! I am DEFINITELY a believer!! -Susan J.
I have really bad joint pain and take a lot of 600 mg and 800 mg ibuprofen. My doctor said I'm killing my kidneys. But i don't like the pain. I don't sleep well so I thought I would take the 500mg cbd before bed. I slept all night. I got up went to church came home made cookies, did all the laundry, vacuumed and mopped, moved the washer and dryer leveled them and cleaned the lint hose. Then leveled the stove. I couldn't figure out what was up with me, Then I realized I felt really good and had no pain whatsoever and I had energy. Then I remembered I took the oil. I am definitely sold on it for life!!!! -Wanda J.
I started taking HempWorx CBD Oil to combat seizures, but I didn't realize what an AMAZING sleep aid it is as well. So today I start seeing the "lights" it's my indicator of an oncoming seizure. Just before the point of blacking out I decided to take a dose of CBD Oil. As soon as it hit the floor of my mouth under my tongue the lights completely disappeared, saving me from experiencing yet another seizure! I proudly and thankfully stand by this product 100%! -Michael S.
Trying to position my body for sleep every night required 4 pillows, and trial and error session to make sure a shoulder, hip or my lower back didn't start screaming. Two weeks ago I started the oil and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I am so amazed after all these years of pain to get REAL sleep. Refreshing, renewing sleep. It's so awesome. -Debra Rae Griffin
After battling severe anxiety, PTSD, depression and panic, heart palpitations and high blood pressure, spinal stenosis, arthritis, and eczema, for the last 8 years this oil is a God Send for sure, and technically it really is. I never ever thought for one minute that there could be just 1 thing that could help me. Always so many different drugs to treat.. but I found it, and it is truly changing my life for the better. i can smile a real smile, I can leave my house without worry, I can sleep now, I can joke around and feel confident, I can face each minute of every day positively, and if I feel myself slipping then I can drop a couple drops under my tongue and it pulls me right back out.. That is a lot for me.. -Dennia E.

 Schizophrenia Testimony! My husbands grandmother has schizophrenia and early dementia. As typically for most with this disease, she does not take her medicine she is paranoid something is in it, or it will cause problems. She has lived the past several years with her neck turned to one side because she “thinks” her medicine caused it, she doesn’t sleep very much, talking a few hours every day, because she is constantly worried about her neighbors getting in the house. Walks around with pepper spray, spraying the entire house, whispering to people whom are not there. Barricading doors, never keeping food in the house due to it being poisoned by someone.

She has been on the HempWorx CBD 750mg for about a week now, she has stopped holding her head to the side, relieved the pain from it always cricked to the side, she has been able to sleep throughout the entire night, going to bed around 9 and sleeping without gettin up until 6/7 in the morning. She has stopped the whispers, she has yet to mention anyone trying to poison or hurt her. She has been in a 📷💯 mood change, happy non combative, joking laughing and starting to get back to her self. She has not been barricading doors and just simply locking them, and eating without mentioning it being poisoned. This is a HUGE success in my book, we are again so eternally grateful for this product! -Megan S.
Testimonial on Dementia Testimonial of my 89-year-old Mom ~ I started giving my Mom 5 drops am and pm on the CBD 2 month ago. She had major signs of dementia. She could not remember dates she would ask me minimum 3x a day questions I had already told her she would sleep all day and up all night. Well, she is now as swift as when she was 85 remembers her dates talks about yesterday with recollection. Sleeps Nights and up through the day. My sister was talking to my Mom last week over the phone then asked to talk to me and said Lynda do not ever take Mom off the CBD, my god, she remembers like she use to After I hung up the phone I teared of joy! Also, I noticed my Mothers eyes are crystal clear.I want to thank God for giving us this amazing hemp plant with pure CBD to heal our Bodies I am more than amazed by all these results. I have My mom back and she is no longer in the sadness of this horrible sickness Dementia 📷 -Lynda B.
I started taking CBD for crippling arthritis. Pain all gone on day 2. It's been 4 months now. I have noticed some other incredible side effects. *Restless legs syndrome - gone. *Anxiety turned into peaceful calm. *Memory 95% improved (wondered if I had Alzheimer's) demonstrated by being able to create an intense business plan over a three week period. *I used to fall over at least once a day from wobbly ankles. Had to walk with a cane. No cane at all now. Never fallen down once in 4 months. *Left side of my body was always considerably bigger. Doppler scan proved it was lymphatic drainage issue. 45 years. One day I noticed it is the same size as my right side!!! *For a year chronic Eustachian tube plugged and banging in right ear. 2 drops of oil one night and I have 75% relief. *I couldn't bend to put my socks on because of stiffening in my back (scoliosis and bulging discs with arthritis). I can bend, twist, have full flexibility again. Nice to wear socks in our Newfoundland winter. *I have incredible amounts of energy again. Not exhausted all the time. *Can lay down to sleep and actually sleep.
Try it and be surprised at the wonderful side effects! -Celeste C.
Today makes 2 weeks taking the CBD oil. The results are unbelievable! He has severe ADHD complex disorder with some pretty violent and aggressive behaviors for those that don't know. He has not had a single angry episode and only a couple very mild aggressive episodes. That's huge! Before it was 4-5 a day if not more. He is now able to calm himself down if he gets upset. He still has some hyper moments, but he's not constantly bouncing off the walls. I mean what almost 8 year old boy isn't hyper at times? He is starting to be able to control those as well. He sleeps a solid 10+ hours without being up and down all night. He wakes up well rested and in a good mood. He hasn't told me once in these two weeks that he wishes he wasn't alive. Do you know what it does to a mom to hear her little boy tell you that? It's the most awful feeling in the world! He also has some pretty serious constipation issues. I wasn't even expecting it to work for those, but he hasn't had to take those meds at all and he has good bowel movements every day. He also hasn't complained at all with his belly hurting. He eats. Like this child loves food again. I may be taking food donations for him📷😂 He's happy!! He's loving!! He's my little boy that I knew was still in there somewhere! -Ashley G.

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Testimonial from Hempworx Customer:

Ok I wanted to share my story . I have scoliosis so my spine is shaped as a S unfortunately the way it's curved we have to watch my lungs and heart . Now there is no fixing that but we just try to not let it get worse I guess lol . 
I also have a herniated disc in my neck which u can see if you look at my neck but it's pushing against the sack that protects our spinal cord . I also have a herniated disc in my lower back which makes my left leg numb all the way to my toes . But also goes down my right leg to my knee . I have arthritis in my lower spine which my small bones on my spine have curled into my nerves so no helping that . I always thought I would live the rest of my life in pain which was normally a 8-10 . I had to walk with a cane and couldn't go up stairs with out help.
Normally a moms job is to take care of her kids . Well my two kids ( 13 and 15 ) would babysit me and my 5 year old cuz mom can't bend walk or do anything . I thank God they were there for me but hated myself because what they had to do because mom was broken . I was taking up to 15 pills a day 7 of them being some kind of pain med ( morphine, narco and Naproxen ) and the rest was a pill for nerve damage and a muscle relaxer . My muscle spasms were so bad I was taking a muscle relaxer every four hours and the nerve pill three times a day.
Well I started taking CBD oil after getting off the morphine and starting to get off the narco . I can say I saw a change right away my legs were not giving out on my I had more energy to get up and go . Now I'm off all three pills for pain the Dr. has me slowly getting off the nerve pills because it's as really bad withdrawal like the morphine . And the muscle relaxers is down to once in the morning and once at night just to be sure.
My Dr. is on board with CBD oil and loves the changes she sees in me . I went back to the Dr. and have lost 7 pounds lol. I also have IBS which I didn't start the oil for but I haven't had a problem with that at all . My pain level is no higher then a 4 to hardly at all. Being someone who thought I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life to actually living life I'm very thankful for find out about CBD oil because I'm living life as normal as l can and no longer needing to have a babysitter or use my cane . My legs don't go numb like they were and my headaches from my neck are gone . I am no longer depressed I'm loving life and I hope my story can help someone else start to live their life again 

CBD Oil from Hempworx Testimonial

From Bill: Hello I am Bill, I have been on the 750 now for five months and a month on a different brand. I would like to tell you about CBD oil. First, let me tell you a little about myself. Over the past five years, I have been a medical train wreck! I first went to my Primary Doctor, then to the GI specialist and finally to OSU for their GI specialist. I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease, Colitis, Fatty Liver Disease, Barriett’s Esophagus, Possibly Chron’s and Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth. The symptoms of these autoimmune diseases were excessive (up to 12 times per day) DIARRHEA, VOMITING (after every meal for upwards of 4 hours) and INFLAMMATION that caused JOINT PAIN. I was beginning to doubt how much longer that I was going to be able to provide for family and my quality of life had become nonexistent! Due to my deteriorating health, I was removed from my position at work and my health issues were causing family disturbances at home. My wife, whom is a 20 year nurse spent many worried and sleepless nights, trying to figure out how to help me because the medications were doing nothing! Late one night, my wife came across CBD oil and research showed that it would help. The next day she went and bought some CBD oil (at a local shop) and I used it for two months, with minimal results. I told my wife ” I am done with the CBD oil!” She said, “We need to try another brand!” So, I reluctantly took her advice and tried Hempworx. BAM…SUCCESS!! After four weeks, I started to feel a difference. My joints had stopped hurting and the diarrhea had decreased. After six weeks, the vomiting had stopped and the diarrhea had further decreased. After three months of taking CBD oil, I had started to lose weight. Then at four months the diarrhea had stopped, I was able to start eating normally again and the weight loss continued. It has now been six months, I have returned to eating a normal diet (not gluten-free) and I have lost about 50 pounds. I feel younger and I have more energy, I have a ZEST for life again!


CDB Relief Cream and 750 Oil used on open sores


Jesslee E 

January 10, 2018

My mother has recently started CBD oil. She has many health issues to many to list. Due to the many medications she is on for pain relief ( opiates), her feet are extremely painful and has much difficulty walking as you can see she has open sores, rough and splitting skin etc. She has been using the oils almost 1 month taking the drops orally and applying cream to her feet. As an experiment she applying cream to only one foot. The photos below are before and after treated and untreated ( no cream apply just oral drops). This is only one part of the amazing benefits that have occurred for her. But it’s a visual one.

This is using Hempworx relief cream and using Hempworx 750 Oil orally

CBD has helped so many people, like Michael J Fox…

CBD has helped so many people, like Michael J Fox… How does it work?

Cannabinoid, or CBD, is a product that people have been using to alleviate various conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, diabetes, PTSD, alcoholism, strokes and cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other ailments. If you haven’t already heard, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive component of Cannabis that has a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

CBD is naturally occurring in the Hemp plant and according to the United States own government patent #6,630,507 it supports the nutrition of aging bodies. Cannabidiol is found to have particular benefits as a neuroprotectant, for example in limiting neurological damage following stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons disease.

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Doctors Reveal: CBD is Best Treatment for Anxiety

Keeping a healthy lifestyle that is balanced in this day and age isn’t an easy task. Just the thought of juggling work and life for most of us isn’t a realistic concept and will send most of us running to the nearest medicine cabinet for the most available chill-me-down pill.

While maintaining a healthy diet, quality sleep and staying active are all important factors of living a stress-free lifestyle, a group of doctors now agree that integrating CBD into a daily your routine can significantly reduce stress and anxiety.

In a recent study, Brazilian researchers conducted a small double-find study. After consuming CBD, people who suffered from GSA (Generalised Social Anxiety), reported a significant decrease in anxiety.

If you’re looking to beat anxiety, pain or depression read more about how CBD oil can help you.